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We, as the Turkish consultant company, are working on investment projects that qualify for Turkish citizenship. The aim of the projects is to have a full hotel chain at the end of 2022.

We have received the Tabu completely for a hotel investment project in Sisli, under the name of (Business Life)

This brand has been acquired and it is an emerging brand in Turkey that is at least 5 years old and the brand name will be launched on all hotels of the company. We made the changes in full, prepared the staff and started offering shares for subscription
The hotel consists of 9 floors, including a full floor for the sauna and another floor for the restaurant

الخدمات All services inside the hotel are included in the profit rate and the investor owns 5% of the entire project.
ندق The hotel consists of 20 shares
The profits are distributed according to the percentage of the works of the project according to the project evaluation team
The profits are distributed as follows
Profits are distributed in dollars every six months
There is the possibility of increasing the share value annually by 10%, i.e. increasing the value of the title deed.