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The 1000 shares project is a promising project that started in the first of 2019, and now it is entering its second year with tremendous success and excellent profits.

The project works on the idea of ​​Murabaha in the largest “investment pot for Arabs in Turkey” so that you can contribute with open funds starting from 50 shares. The share price is 1000₺, or approximately $ 9,000, as a minimum investment, and you can then increase your stake with a minimum of 10 shares.

في We are working on this project to invest in fixed assets and thanks to our strong relationship with Turkish property owners and institutions working in this field. We can obtain excellent opportunities, enabling us to buy real estate and residential units for less than their value and sell them in a way that achieves excellent profit for us and our customers.
The average profit of a project is about 1,000 shares (16%) approximately annually distributed to the investor’s capital on a quarterly basis (every three months).
This percentage, compared to other investment projects in Turkey, is the highest return reached.

The actual value of the share is 1,000 liras and the minimum subscription is 50 thousand Turkish liras. Or its equivalent in dollars today, but pay in lira and profits as well.

With the help of God, a remarkable success was achieved, and profits were distributed for the past year at a rate of (14,5%). As soon as the session is over, a new cycle is automatically activated.